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Data Lake Solutions

We establish a reservoir from which you can make your data flow in any kind of direction according to the needs of your daily business – now and in the future!

What we do

craftworks develops customized big data infrastructures and data lake solutions based on open source technologies either for on-premise solutions or in the cloud (Microsoft Azure).


A data lake is a cost-effective big data infrastructure that can store structured as well as  semi-structured or unstructured data in any scale and format. Data scientists and Data Engineers can easily access and process large volumes of data at high speed, providing them with the flexibility they need for different data analytics activities. The raw data is stored in the core of the data lake and remains unchanged, while the processed and analyzed data is stored in temporary files. The results are stored in high-performance databases, such as Elastic Search or Redis. Data lake solutions by craftworks are built on multiple Apache projects.

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How a data lake works

Flexible and Scalable

The data lake only contains components that are needed for the specific use case of the client. This not only secures the fast scalability of the cluster but also that the tailor-made solution can easily be integrated in an existing IT platform.


Based on our vast experience in software development and high volume data processing with diverse algorithms, we focus on reusability in the implementation of the data lake.

Open Source Technology

craftworks only uses independent open-source technologies that have proven to be effective over the several years and that are operated by large communities. This ensures that these technologies will continue to develop and that errors are eliminated fast and efficiently.

Big Data Success Stories


Leveraging Big Data in plastic processing

Digitizing machine data with an automated service management platform


Sensor data for automatic detection

Sensor-based automatic location, movement and state detection of concrete frameworks on building sites


Combined data storage and processing

Ensured durability and product quality with anomaly detection

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How you can work with us


You would like to be advised on the basic setup of an industrial AI approach in your company? You need guidance in how big data can help you make your processes more efficient? Through tailor made  workshops we will help you find the right approach for your company.


You already have a functional team in place, but you are short on manpower or specific experience? Our team is used to working closely with our customers on new solutions and facilitates through  knowledge sharing.

Full Service

You are looking for a trusted partner to develop a robust customised solution to your specific needs and requirements? Well, you found us!

A Selection of our Data Lake clients


Tech Talks

Learn more about insights into highly relevant topics in the area of big data, machine learning, and industrial applications.


Got interested? Talk to us about how we can help you with your tailor-made Data Lake solution!

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