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Anomaly Detection powered by AI

Machine learning helps detecting anomalies in your data without the need of labels!

What we do

Anomalies or outliers are rare and unusual patterns which can occur in any data stream. craftworks builds AI powered outlier detection systems that use machine learning techniques like deep learning for anomaly detection.

In some cases, identifying such anomalies can form an approach for tackling core business problems, as in the examples of fraud detection (Banking/Fintech) and intrusion detection (Infosec).


In the manufacturing industry, anomaly detection is often a useful tool for enhancement of quality control and machine maintenance practices. For instance, in the context of quality monitoring, an outlier detection system can be used to:

  • Assist the personnel in discovering or preventing quality issues early in the production process

  • Simplify and reduce the amount of human inspection needed to achieve the necessary quality standards

  • Identify candidate causes for quality issues

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Image by Mika Baumeister

What we offer

Building an anomaly detection system requires a choice of a similarity metric - a measure of likeness between two data points which enables the algorithm to pinpoint the unusual observations. In rare cases, the choice of the similarity metric follows from past experience with similar problems or data sets, and a useful anomaly detection approach can be implemented with minimal labelled data and domain knowledge. More often, however, development of the detection approach requires careful consideration of the relationship between data generation and the monitored process, for which labelled data and domain understanding are required.


At craftworks we provide our clients with detailed guidance on the applicability of anomaly detection solutions to their use cases. Where necessary we carry out in-depth feasibility studies and build prototype anomaly detection algorithms to ensure that the potential to deliver real business value is present in the early stages of the project. During deployment of the full scale solution, we work closely with our clients towards a seamless integration of our system in their IT infrastructure.

Success Story


Sensor data for an efficient coverings' production

A use case for the efficient use of sensor data with a scalable optimization potential

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our success story in detail

How you can work with us…


You would like to be advised on the basic setup of an industrial AI approach in your company? You need guidance in how machine learning can help you make your processes more efficient? Through tailor made  workshops we will help you find the right approach for your company.


You already have a functional team in place, but you are short on manpower or specific experience? Our team is used to working closely with our customers on new solutions and facilitates through  knowledge sharing.

Full Service

You are looking for a trusted partner to develop a robust customised solution to your specific needs and requirements? Well, you found us!

… and how we make you independent


Would you like to independently create your own models but need a way to ship machine learning straight to production? With navio you can deploy, manage and monitor machine learning models. Seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow via the API. Simply focus on training machine learning models and navio takes care of the rest with a one-click deployment, saving you time and money.

A selection of our Industrial AI clients

With craftworks it was simple and uncomplicated. After an initial conversation, we could start a project within a short amount of time. While the data scientists at craftworks supported us in drawing valuable conclusions from our data, the close collaboration together with their domain experts made it possible to have fast results within a month.

Wien Energie

Stefan Kermer

Wien Energie, Head of Innovation and Strategic Projects


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10 Steps to Success

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