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About craftworks

Craftsmanship is what we are about!

What we do

We are dedicated to finding the best individual solution for our clients. We enable personal growth for each individual team member. At the same time we foster collaboration and team spirit! 

Principles of Operation

At craftworks, we operate with absolute integrity founded upon our values and guided by our vision to empower each individual to execute our mission of continual progression towards a paradigm of true excellence, whilst ensuring the satisfaction of both the employee and the customer as we seek to go above and beyond to the benefit of each party involved.


Our Vision

We love innovation and believe digital technology should be at the core of every company to raise productivity and performance, thereby increasing profits and gaining a competitive advantage. We make it our mission to discover challenges in companies and their processes, in order  for us to overcome them and to amplify their efficiency. 


We invest time and energy into growth, and therefore are able to guarantee that every motivated person can choose his or her job and have the optimal work environment to achieve their maximum potential for the benefit of themselves and the organization.

Our Mission

To push the boundaries in software development and AI!

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Core Values

These values and principles are the pillars of our organization.

How We Work

We hold our standard of performance in high regard. Built upon our values, we operate according to mutually beneficial guidelines. We expect and reciprocate trust, compassion, and friendliness, and advocate for the necessity of punctuality and responsibility of each representative of craftworks. Every team member is expected to go to great lengths to uphold our values externally as well as internally. Customer satisfaction is something we take extremely seriously and, thus, it is imperative that we fulfil our obligation of providing them with outstanding services. Each customer interaction should be treated as a reflection of ourselves and what we stand for.


We understand the needs and challenges of our clients and build suitable solutions.


We focus on intuitive, efficient and satisfying user interfaces.

Interdisciplinary Team

With diverse backgrounds our experts in data science, physics and software engineering work towards a common goal.


We partner with trusted technology and hardware partners. That way we can offer our clients all-in-one solutions, if required.


We design a flexible and iterative development process together with our clients.

One Team

By combining domain experts from customers with our engineers, we form a team in order to create accurate and useful solutions.

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