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Success Stories

Are you interested in how we apply our solutions in practice? Then take a look at our success stories. They will give you an impression of how you can use Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Software solutions today! Be part of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.


Big Data


Leveraging Big Data in plastic processing

Digitizing machine data with an automated service management platform


Sensor data for automatic detection

Sensor-based automatic location, movement and state detection of concrete frameworks on building sites


Combined data storage and processing

Ensured durability and product quality with anomaly detection

Predictive Quality


Improved Acoustic Emissions Testing

Through the use of neural networks, the reliability and speed for AET was increased.


Predictive quality for high standard materials

Ensured durability and product quality with anomaly detection


Energy saving through process optimization

We created an AI based controlling software for a multinational performance coatings producer.


Optimized ETA and routing with predictive analytics

Optimize freight shipments for maximum efficiency

Predictive Maintenance


Resource efficiency with Predictive Maintenance

Predicting gearbox failures for cost efficient processes and lower emissions


Predictions of robot failures in spot welding application

A solution that suggests corresponding instructions for actions in order to decrease operational downtime by approximately 30%.


Predicting disruptions in advance

Accurate predictions between seven days and one month in advance

Visual Inspection


Yield prediction with artificial intelligence

Predict the yield of wheat grain fields through sample images on the ground, two weeks before harvest.


Diminished pseudo scrap through computer vision

Through automation and predictive maintenance


Minimizing inefficiency in a screw conveyor

By analyzing optimal operating parameters, improve efficiency through artificial intelligence

Anomaly Detection


Sensor data for an efficient coverings' production

A use case for the efficient use of sensor data with a scalable optimization potential

Software Solutions


A hydropower plant's ultimate planning tool

A software tool for efficient information-based planning, capacity control and storage management.

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