A platform to create, manage, monitor
and deploy machine learning models.

navio allows for the collaboration of the entire AI landscape of a company. It helps to automate the process of creating, managing, monitoring and deploying machine learning models to production.

4 Users – 1 Solution

Business User

Leverage automatic machine learning and get understandable results.


Integrate a trained model into an application via REST API.

Data Scientist

Upload and configure a model
and deploy it with a single click.


Monitor the usage and
performance of a deployed model.

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How it works

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navio at

Automated Machine Learning

You don't need to know machine learning to take advantage of it. Just upload your dataset and let navio do the work.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Keep track of your model and the performance. See how many requests were sent and validate if the model is still accurate.

One-Click Deployment

Deploying machine learning-models into production can be tedious and complicated. Let navio handle this and deploy your models instantly via REST.

Support for Custom Models

You created your own custom model? Perfect! Just upload the model, deploy it and use it!


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