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Consulting services based on state-of-the-art best practices.

What we do

In all we do, craftworks functions as a consulting company as well. Any project we take on starts with an intensive assessment of the status-quo of your daily operations, of your existing infrastructure, the tools you use and the processes in place. Of course we are always sensitive for any industry,- or company specific regulations. Based on our systematic approach, that often includes workshops that we organize and lead for you, we manage to get to the core of your challenges quickly. We can also offer you these consulting services stand-alone. A great option if you are not sure yet what outcomes to expect or how to go about.

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Computer Tastatur


No matter which solution you are planning to bring to your organisation, AI based or not, you will need a proper infrastructure to let it run smoothly. With so many years of experience, there is hardly any constellation that we haven't seen before. Based on our extensive experience we can advise you on an optimal solution, where you can improve or how to innovate.

Project Plannning

No project can be successful without a good plan. We have been managing a large number of projects so far, in the industry, logistics, energy and utilities, as well as the public sector. Be it in big data consulting, machine learning or software, we know how to go about, which milestones to set, how and when to evaluate and how to handle the feedback loop.


A good specification is key, for software solutions but also for big data infrastructures like Data Lakes and any kind of machine learning application. We know what information is needed and how to prepare a suitable framework in the optimal grade of detail for software engineers and data scientists.

Knowledge Transfer

We like to be hands-on. We have had many use cases and projects in which we have closely cooperated with the engineers, data analysts and even data scientist of our customers to help them kick-start internal innovation processes in the area of AI and machine learning. In that way we establish a starting point for independent further growth.

A selection of our clients

Industrial AI Guide_craftworks_ENGLISH-1

Industrial AI -

10 Steps to Success

Learn more about the successful way of implementing Industrial AI in practice.


Are you interested? Talk to us about our consulting services!

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