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craftworks develops high level individual AI and software solutions for Predictive Quality and Predictive Maintenance in industrial companies. We use the data that machines generate to anticipate failures, react automatically, and thus increase efficiency.



Our Solutions

We support you in digitizing your business and manufacturing processes by making them more effective, efficient and predictable.

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Data Lake

With our data lake solution your business is ready for advanced analytics in real time.


Visual Inspection

Our AI detects defects in real-time to ensure high quality, uniformity and consistency of industrial parts.


Predictive Quality

Our AI predicts product quality issues and recommends settings that help you to reduce scrap costs.

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Anomaly Detection

We draw valuable insights by identifying outliers and unusual patterns in your data.

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Predictive Maintenance

We help to detect downtimes before they occur and identify root causes.


Software Solutions

We develop easy to understand user interfaces so every employee likes to use our products.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning are transforming established companies into Industry 4.0. Today, Industrial AI systems can help manufacturing industries to improve their core business process - from supply chain management over production lines to quality control.

Learn how you can use AI solutions in your industry and be part of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Success Stories

Are you interested in how we apply our solutions in practice?
Then take a look at our success stories.



Leveraging Big Data in plastic processing

Are you interested in how we apply our solutions in practice? Then take a look at our success stories.



Improved Acoustic Emissions Testing

Through the use of neural networks, the reliability and speed for AET was increased.

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Our Vision

We love innovation and believe digital technology should be at the core of every company in order to raise productivity and performance, thereby increasing profits and gaining competitive advantage. We make it our mission to discover challenges in companies and in their processes in order to solve them.

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Our Approach

We cater to the needs of our clients with individual software solutions covering the entire value chain from big data infrastructures, development of machine learning models to customer-specific user interfaces. By combining your industry domain experts and our engineers, we form one team in order to find the perfect solution. With the help of your industry knowledge and our expertise in working with data, we can easily adapt our solutions to different industries. We have  strong track record with clients in the manufacturing, automotive, energy and retail sector in the German-speaking area and beyond.


Our Technologies

We use a broad range of open source technologies depending on the individual use case in order to be very precise in our predictions. Our machine learning models have been awarded multiple times in competitions where our results had the highest accuracy. Other techniques such as natural language processing and computer vision help us to work with unstructured data.

Our MLOps Platform


Would you like to independently create your own models but need a way to ship machine learning straight to production? With navio you can deploy, manage and monitor machine learning models. Seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow via the API. Simply focus on training machine learning models and navio takes care of the rest with a one-click deployment, saving you time and money.

What Our Clients Say

With craftworks, we were fortunate enough to win a team for our project that is always professional, reliable, and has a high level of technical competence. The team members are not just software developers, but lateral thinkers who are proactive in product development.

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Michael Fürst

Österreichische Post/Aktionsfinder, Product Owner


How We Work


We understand the needs and challenges of our clients and provide solid custom made solutions.


We focus on intuitive, efficient and satisfying user interfaces.

Interdisciplinary Team

With diverse backgrounds our experts in data science, physics and software engineering mutually reinforce and challenge each other to reach perfection.


We partner with trusted technology and hardware partners. That way we can offer our clients all-in-one solutions, if required.


We design a flexible and iterative development process together with our clients.

One Team

By combining domain experts from customers with our engineers, we form a team in order to create accurate and useful solutions.

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