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Meet The Team: Interview with Alexander Jell

Welcome on board to Alexander

Happy reading!

Let’s start with how you landed at craftworks?

I saw the Linkedin-Post and I thought that it looked kinda like a start-up and the rest is basically history.

What made you want to apply for your position at craftworks?

First there was the wish to switch to a smaller company because I came from a big corporation and in the past I always liked and enjoyed working for smaller companies. Also the field of industrial AI really spoke to me.

What advice would you give someone who’s just starting out in your field?

Practice a lot because I think coding and engineering is only something you can learn by doing. There are good books and resources but to really be good at what you do you simply have to start.

Could you tell us more about your position at craftworks and what you enjoy the most?

So I'm a data engineer and my position at the moment is a lot about working on things like continuous delivery and integration (CI/CD) and working with Big Data Technologies. I enjoy learning about new technologies that are very powerful that solve very complex problems that you don't encounter everyday.

How do you keep developing your professional skills?

On one hand I'm doing my master studies and I am learning new concepts and I try to get into the interesting lectures. I read blogs and try to stay up to date with new technologies. To me one of the most important things in data engineering is learning about new frameworks and also using new state of the art frameworks.

Could you tell us more about yourself? For example: what are your hobbies and where do you like to spend your time most?

I like sports, especially running and going to the gym. This year i did the vienna city half marathon for the first time and i try to do this every year because it would force me to stay in shape. Other than that I enjoy video games, movies and tv shows.

What behavior or personality trait do you most attribute to how you approach your work, and why?

I like being very precise and I want to make the code that I write as clean as possible and as easy to understand as possible. I also like to remove as much code as possible from my solutions to keep it slim.

Which music is playing on your player right now?

Red Hot Chilli Peppers, because tomorrow i'm going to the concert.

If you were the only human left on Earth, what would you do?

Are animals dead as well? If not, then I would travel to Norway and swim with whales.

What’s one thing you’re learning now, and why is it important to you?

I’m trying to learn about AI because I think it is a big part of technology's future and I would like to learn as much as possible about it.

3 short questions:

Office or remote?

Office, besides Fridays.

Coffee or tea?


What's your favorite meal?


Thank you, Alexander!

Thank you for reading our interviews!

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