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Meet The Team: Interview with Markus Muth

Markus is our newest team member, who is supporting our team as data engineer in the topics such as Machine Learning and Big Data.

We wish you a pleasant reading!

Let’s start with how you landed at craftworks?

I was looking for jobs in the Big Data domain when I found the job ad of craftworks. I immediately applied, and after the first interview I knew that I want to work here. Luckily I got the job, that’s why I’m here now 🙂

What about craftworks do you like the most? My colleagues are awesome. The people here manage to be both professional and fun at the same time. Also the projects I’m currently working on are interesting and challenging. And the coffee, of course.

Could you describe craftworks in 3 words? professionality, open minded setting and motivation

Could you tell us more about what you did before working at craftworks? I worked many years as a software engineer, and I have an education in computer science and economics.

How do you prefer to start your day? Well, to be honest, I’m not a morning person. The less I have to talk, the better the morning. But this quickly gets better after a hot coffee or tea 🙂

How and where do you like to spend your free time? I like being outside, like hiking or running.

What behavior or personality trait do you most attribute your success to, and why? I think I’m eager to do things well, and also to finish them once I’ve started. In general, I always try to provide great results on what I’m doing.

Which book would you recommend to read and why? I have read a lot of books, but to be honest, I haven’t found the perfect book yet.

Who or what has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work? There are a lot of people who helped me to become the person I am now. Especially my parents who always supported me in my decisions, and my grandparents who showed me skills on how to be successful in working live.

3 short questions:

Mac or PC? PC (Linux)

Office or remote? Office, I like my colleagues 🙂

Which music is playing on your player right now? Nothing, I can’t concentrate when listening to music. Thank you Markus!

Thank you for reading our interviews!

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