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Meet The Team: Interview with Alexander Zulechner

As mentioned before, we’ll post a new interview with each of our team members twice a month.Today we’re chatting with our software developer Alexander Zulechner who joined craftworks in September, exactly one year ago.

Alex, could you just start by explaining how you ended up at craftworks? I got the recommendation from a former co-worker, who told me he knew some awesome guys that were searching for help at the time. So I went to check out the company, and after an interview followed by beer and a round of Table Football, I joined craftworks.

What did you do before craftworks? After finishing school and spending 9 months at the Rotes Kreuz, I moved to Vienna and worked as a software engineer for an SAP-consulting-company. I did that for 4 years before I applied to join craftworks.

What interested you most about this position as a software developer at craftworks? Working with the latest technology and reasoned software development processes in a friendly atmosphere with the option to further develop my skills and education.

Alex, could you describe craftworks in 3 words? Innovative, familiar, professional.

What about your work do you enjoy the most? That I can keep on learning new stuff every day and receive adequate help if I need it.

How do you go about continuing to develop your professional skills and knowledge? Most of the time through online articles about programming or online courses on different platforms. Sometimes just tutorial videos on youtube or talks from conferences. 🙂

Could you please share some examples? Sure, here you go:

– blog-channels:

– youtube-channels:

Thanks a lot, Alex!Apart from work, how do you spend your free time? I play ice hockey and on my playstation. Besides, I like to photograph landscapes if I can find the time, as well as read tech articles and lots more.

And our last 3 short questions:

Mac or PC?


Office or remote?


Which music is playing on your player right now?

Face to Face – Bent but not broken.

Thank you, Alex!

And thank YOU for reading! The next interview with our business administration manager Kathrin will be posted in two weeks already. Stay tuned! 🙂

PS: Due to the large amount of new projects we have, we’re currently hiring more team-members. Sounds interesting? Check our career page.

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