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Meet The Team: Interview Princh Canal

A very warm welcome to Princh, our newest Software Engineer. Happy reading!

Can you tell me what your position at craftworks is and what you are working on right now?

I'm a software engineer at craftworks and I'm working on backend and frontend features. Working on a customer project means mostly working on frontend, implementing features and fixing bugs.

What interested you most about this position as a software developer at craftworks?

I was really interested in craftworks as I have seen the homepage. Many awards and hackathons won in this mature company. Many amazing projects in AI. I would like to work in that kind of environment.

What made you want to apply for your position at craftworks?

Actually to be honest I applied for many jobs around 100. Most of them only replied with email. craftworks called me directly. This is part of an amazing culture.

Can you give any advice to students on how to combine studies and work?

Learn how to balance your time and find the right balance. For me, I'm able to work from home and have no travel to the office. Right after work I take a break before studying and at the weekend I can fully use my time for studying.

What about craftworks do you like the most?

It's probably teamwork. I´ll get promptly and fast feedback and the team helped me a lot to understand and improve my skills. They always have time to answer my questions and I feel more comfortable.

What energizes you at work?

Naturally I love programming. That energizes me. Learning something new every day.

Could you describe craftworks in 3 words?

Innovative, team-oriented, talented

Which craftworks value is most important to you and why?

Lifelong learning. That's something I value myself. Being better every day. Really skillful. The more you know the more things you can do.

Which music is playing on your player right now?

Recently only instrumental Lofi:

Which book would you recommend reading and why?

Don't have time for books besides working and studying. I'm reading more articles at the moment. So there is no recommendation.

If you were the only human left on Earth, what would you do?

Probably just travelling from city to city or hiking or something else.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation - you can go anywhere very quickly

3 short questions:

Mac or PC? - Mac

Office or remote? - Remote because of the pandemic

Coffee or tea? - Neither, mostly just water

Thank you Princh!

Thank you for reading our interviews!

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