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Meet The Team: Interview with Flavia Cristian and Marlene Mayr

A very warm welcome to Flavia and Marlene Happy reading!

Flavia, can you tell me what your position at craftworks is?

I'm doing digital marketing at craftworks. This position consists of communicating the craftworks brand, products and services on all digital channels.

Marlene, how did you land at craftworks?

I came here through a friend of mine. It was really interesting for me that craftworks is specialized in the field of software development and AI because I'm doing my minor in business informatics. I have learned a lot about AI and its application during my masters so I was totally interested in how a tech company works.

Flavia, could you describe craftsworks in 3 words?

Expansive, uncomplicated, dynamic

Marlene, what about craftworks do you like the most?

I like that it feels like family. We trust each other and help each other. The craftworks values really lived.

Flavia, what about your work do you like the most?

Being able to combine creative tasks with analytical ones. With digital marketing, you can be creative, while also consistently optimizing your outputs through analytics. We always have the customer in mind!

Marlene, could you tell us something about your position at craftworks you enjoy the most?

What I enjoy the most is more a general thing. As there are always different tasks to do in business administration, I really enjoy seeing for the first time how everything in a company needs to interact in order to function. I like to see how even smaller tasks are still important for the company. This general understanding of the processes and their interaction has also many benefits for my studies, as I can build up a deeper understanding.

Flavia, What are you reading at present and which book would you recommend reading and why?

At the moment I'm reading “The Laws of Human Nature: Robert Greene”. And my recommendation is “21 Lessons for the 21st Century: Yuval Noah Harari”. That's the one book that manages to summarize our human evolution, as well as to predict what will await us in the future.

Marlene, What movie have you seen recently and would you prefer to watch it?

It was Cloud Atlas -it is about truth, freedom and how certain decisions can have big impacts. It is about big happenings that occur again and again. However, the movie does not predefine how to judge these happenings, it rather leaves room for your own interpretation.

Flavia, What's the best advice you were ever given?

“Don't worry so much, we all wipe our ass the same way”.

Marlene, Can you give any advice to students on how to combine studies and work?

It's all about time management. I would recommend every student to work during their studies, as you get a much bigger understanding of how things work out in the real world. By solving problems through real word cases the theoretical foundations will be complemented and your studies will profit from it.

Flavia, If you were the only human left on Earth, what would you do?

Just surround myself with animals. I need community. I need to have a team that I am fighting for, in order to find purpose. So, without humans, there would be a lot of dogs around.

Marlene, What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

Actually, when I was smaller I was dancing ballet. I forgot about it somehow, although I really enjoyed it. I quit it when I was 12 years old.

3 short questions:

Mac or PC?

Flavia: Doesn't matter as long as it runs fast, and it works

Marlene: For me it doesn't either. But I start loving my mac

Office or remote?

Flavia: Both, depending on the activity

Marlene: Office

Coffee or tea?

Flavia: Coffee

Marlene: Coffee

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

Flavia: Time travelling would be great

Marlene: Being able to have impact by my own

What will be the first place you will travel to in the next years?

Flavia: Seattle. I have friends there, and wanted to visit them since the beginning of 2020. Marlene: I don’t know yet. But it will be a natural reservation like kamchatka.

Thank you Flavia and Marlene!

Thank you for reading our interviews!

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