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Meet The Team: Interview with Daniela Merz

Daniela joined us in January as our Head of People. Many years of experience in the fields of HR and People made Daniela an expert in this area and we are glad that she has joined our team. Learn more about her favorite book, her favorite craftworks value and what she would do if she was the last person on earth. Happy reading! 

Which craftworks value is most important to you and why?

For me the most important one is team spirit and respect. People have to be happy in the working environment to be more productive.

Daniela, we know that you are a morning person, as you are often the first person who arrives in the office. How do you prefer to start your day?  

As early as possible, because I love the silence in the morning. Thats the reason why I prefer to be half an hour before everyone is coming to the office. I first make me some coffee and after checking my mails I continue with my work from the day before or sometimes I also have some appointments, which I have to attend.

What led you to this career and did your expectations about craftworks come true?

Simon found me on Linkedin and everything turned out to be perfect so I started working for craftworks. I am happy to be part of a startup company, because I think that people are more open which is leads them to contribute more to the company and also to more success.

As you are Head of People, you probably like to work with people and also support them in all matters. What energizes you at work and why did you decide to work in the field of HR/People?

The topics I have to work on and the people. Satisfaction also depends on how great you are on your daily tasks. I also like to communicate with the people around me and not just sit in front of a laptop for hours, which is why I decided to work in the field of People/HR.

You moved from Germany to Austria many years ago. What are your favorite places in the world?

I really like Austria and I also love New York. But the most impressive journey was in 2017, after a diving course in Graz, my partner and I have been to Seychellen in Indonesia and we experienced a great diving trip. I really like to be under water, as it brings up my calmness because of the silence and also the underwater world, which is magnificent.

What is your favorite book and what is it about?

„Reinventing Organizations“ from Laloux is my favorite right now. It is about organizational structures and different stages of development within personality and company. Years before I had the possibility to write my thesis about a topic that is extremely parallel to this book.

What do you do in your free time?

I would describe myself as a socializer, if I have free time I enjoy to meet up with my friends for food or a good glass of wine. We also regularly meet for brunching.

What three words would your friends use to describe you?

Honest, supportive and sometimes extremely straightforward

Are you a coffee person or tea person?

Coffee person, especially the craftworks handmade Americano.

If you were the only human left on Earth, what would you do?

I would like to be on an island, enjoying the sun and relaxing whilst reading books to don’t get bored.

Thank you Daniela for this honest and interesting interview!

Thank you for reading our interviews!

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